Elven Arena

Free to play RPG with Founder NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Work on your character, items and skills and earn unique NFTS.

Complete the Elder Forest Dungeons and get a chance to challange the Elven Arena Bosses.

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Genesis Wisps

The first Elven Arena collection will be the Genesis Wisps, the first pillar of our RPG Game Project. The wisp NFTs will be in-game pets and the Elf NFTs will be in-game characters.

This collection will give the seed funds needed to start developing our RPG game "Elven Arena" and it will give our supporters an opportunity to stake the NFTs to earn Ethereum, vote in our DAO or exchange their Wisps for Elfs later on.

All our collections are made in collaboration with professional digital artists and are securely stored on the ETH Blockchain. The game development will be made in close collaboration with our holders community which will be able to vote in our DAO how the game should be developed.

NFT Staking, Farming and RPG

Our Wisps and Elves collections will give our supporters the opportunity to earn SPARK tokens or ETH (5% of our earnings will be redestributed back to the community) from staking and use them to redeem Elves, in-game items or other NFTs. In this way, early supporters and active community members will have more cash-back opportunities.

The Elf Way Illustration

The game and project is designed around the digital art style of our main artist, Cristiana!
She is an Illustration Artist and Elves Creator that is turning humans into elves through her digital art.
We are working together to bring her Elf art to the ETH world of NFTs and give life to her designs inside a RPG style game.

Genesis Wisps & Promotional Auctions

We intend to promote and bring more people in through launching the Genesis Wisps (in-game pets) first. The Wisps are created with a complex rarity chart in mind. From the 5 rarity tiers we will giveaway for free the first 3. The remaining rare ones will be Auctioned on Open Sea to give early supporters the best opportunities!

Rarity Ranking Platform

After an entire collection will be minted we will add it to our Rarity Ranking Platform, so our users to check their NFT rarity rank. This page will contain all the Elven Arena collections and document their traits and rarities.

NFT Staking SPARK & ETH Pools + Snaposhot DAO

We will provide two NFT staking pools for our holders. One of them will give rewards in the SPARK token, a symbolic ERC-20 token that can be redeemed for other NFTs that we will launch. The other one will give rewards in ETH to NFT stakers, redistributing 5% of all our earnings to holders that wish to stake their NFTs. Moreover, we endorse our holders to join our Snapshot DAO and help us develop a better game!

P2E Tournaments & Airdrops

A big part of the money that we will raise will be used to employ the team needed to create more NFTs and the RPG game. While we are redistributing 5% of the income and also giving bonuses to users through the SPARK token we also wish to make special Airdrops and P2E Tournaments.

Our Team


Founder / Lead Developer

Robert is the lead developer of our smart contracts, react apps and the backend for such things. Robert will also supervise and manage the development of our game in Unreal Engine 5!


Founder / Main NFT Artist

Cristiana the creator of The Elf Way Illustrations Page. She studied digital art and created The Elf Way so she can spread her art and do commisions for her clients. During the last half year, our team worked closely with her to develop the Wisps and Elf Collections and make it suitable for the crypto market. All our designs are done by her and she will also manage the asset creation part of our game development phase.


Marketing / Engineer

Adrian is an experienced Marketeer from the Token's Boost Team. He will be the manager of our Marketing Team, providing a direct contact with influencers, press release platforms and maintaining the right social and online presence.


Social Media Manager

Chloe is a proffesional when it comes to Social Media platforms. She is the planner of our content and the main manager of our Social Media Team. We wish to maintain constant presence and improve our branding through her growth hacking strategies.


Community Manager / Game Design Paper Manager

Michael is not only an experienced gamer but also a great Community Manager for our Discord Channel. Along with managing and adjusting our Discord and other online communities, Michael also helps us writing down the lore of our game along with quests and other game mechanics. He will also work close with our Game Development Team.



Adele is going to be our PR Team Manager. She will coordinate people and look for advantageous partnerships. While we will be focusing on minting our fisrt collection entirely, Adele will work on finding a suitable Game Studio for our project!

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